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In this article we discuss Peter Thurnwald Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career And Wife.


Peter Thurnwald (born 13 December 1998) is a talented actor, director, and producer originally from South Korea. You might recognize him as Alex Finnerty from the popular American TV series, XOKitty.

But he’s not just a one-hit wonder – Peter has also made a splash in other shows like Bumb (2020), Young Rock (2022), and Players (2022).

Fans just can’t get enough of Peter Thurnwald‘s stunning performances, especially his role as Alex Finnerty. And it’s no surprise – his talent shines through in every project he takes on. On Instagram, he’s got quite the following, with fans eagerly awaiting news about his latest projects and adventures.

Early Life

Peter Thurnwald, a South Korean Citizen, was born on December 13, 1998. Originally from Korea, he was adopted by his Australian parents when he was just six months old.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thurnwald, lovingly nurtured him throughout his upbringing.

Regrettably, no information regarding any potential siblings Peter Thurnwald may have had is available. However, it is worth noting that Peter completed his education and obtained a degree from the esteemed University of Queensland.


Peter Thurnwald‘s love for acting bloomed early on with his involvement in various school theater productions. But it wasn’t until 2017 that he hit the big time, debuting in the acclaimed film Kong: Skull Island.

His journey to stardom began with a chance encounter at a performance of his first play, Flood, which caught the eye of the director Chris Isaak at the prestigious Gold Coast Arts Festival. This serendipitous meeting paved the way for Peter to land a significant role in one of Hollywood’s biggest productions.

Personal Life

Peter Thurnwald, 25, current marital status is unmarried. No information regarding his relationship life has been disclosed to the media. Additionally, there is no known evidence suggesting that he currently has any children.

Peter Thurnwald Net Worth

Peter Thurnwald, a talented up-and-coming Australian actor, is reportedly making waves in the entertainment industry with an alleged net worth of $800,000.

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